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A lot of people who went to HealthCare.Gov, the federal portal to Health Insurance Marketplaces, soon after it launched on Oct. 1 never got past Step One, creating a working user name and password.

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Now the folks in charge of the site say that function, at least, is working. In fact, they’re so confident that they’re e-mailing invitations to 275,000 people who got stuck somewhere in the process to come back and try again.

Should you? It wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you need to get a plan that starts on Jan. 1, you have only until Dec. 15 to enroll and pay your initial premium. You don’t want to get stuck on account creation on Dec. 14th.

To help you along, the team just published some tips and tricks for account creation (tips, we can’t resist observing, that we suggested weeks ago), including:

  • Check your e-mail (and spam) folders for an email from them entitled “Marketplace account created.” If you don’t see it, you didn’t create an account.
  • Clear your browser’s history and cache.
  • Don’t keep trying with failed logins and passwords, because may have erased them. Create new ones.

If you feel brave, go on ahead and start filling out an application. But be aware that many people are still having trouble with this part. You might want to do some window-shopping for plans first. won’t allow this, but we’ve come up with some workarounds that we’ll discuss in our next blog.

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