Concussion Cure? Joe Namath Says Hyperbaric Treatments Work

Have doctors found a cure for concussions? Former New York Jets Quarterback Joe Namath claims damages, caused by years of NFL roughness, were reversed by using hyperbaric treatments. He spoke with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“Knowing that I had had concussions, I reached out to help because I wanted to find out if in fact I had traumatic brain injuries that we could do something about. I did take a nuclear scan, we found out that the left temporal area of my brain and the back part was getting virtually no blood flow,” he said.

Namath said they used a protocol in a hyperbaric chamber that included 100 “dives.”

“After each 40, I was checked again and my cognitive tests taken before the dives as well as my brain in the scans came back to normal. The tests improved with each group of dives that I had taken and the brain showed a full blood flow and working once again the way it should be,” he said.

Namath said the FDA accepted his study and is looking to get more studies approved to get help for athletes and people with brain injuries.

“It works, I promise you. Not just for traumatic brain injuries and not just for athletes -- for a variety of brain ailments as well as for children -- there are more traumatic brain injuries around the country every day than there are in athletics and we have discovered help for it.”