Chuck Woolery: Can Ted Cruz Make a Love Connection with Voters?

Former ‘Love Connection’ host Chuck Woolery discussed the 2016 presidential race with FOX Business Network’s Kennedy.

Woolery said “…I like Trump, obviously for all the reasons everybody else likes him, I like Cruz a lot, the person I’m looking for is not necessarily that Republican, I’m looking for that conservative and when you get into a conservative following a constitution, somebody who can bring us back to the center of what this country was founded on, and I’m not sure that one person can do that, but I think we have several who are involved in this race who are certainly capable of doing it.”

Although Woolery has not endorsed anyone yet, he explained why he likes Cruz. “Cruz is kind of an interesting person because he has the establishment Republican Party against him, that’s what you’re talking about, he also has the Democrats against him, so I can understand that because he is rubbing both of them the wrong way.”

When asked if this was a good thing [rubbing establishment GOP and Democrats the wrong way] Woolery responded, “yes, it is, because he is trying to do the right thing, when you try to do the right thing you are going to upset everyone and all of these people and these institutions doing the wrong thing.”

Woolery was also asked if Cruz could position himself as enough of an outsider in this presidential race.

“Oh absolutely, look, I’m not promoting Ted Cruz, I like him a lot but the thing about Ted Cruz is he has been an outsider ever since he has been in Washington and he has proven that, he has been under attack by the Republican Party more than any single Senator that I’m aware of or Congressman.”

He was also asked his thoughts on whether Marco Rubio could be competition for Ted Cruz for voters looking for an outsider candidate.

“When I first heard of Rubio, I heard him speak at the Reagan Library in Los Angeles and I thought ‘This is the guy that represents everything that I like and understand,’ since that time he has kind of been pulled into the nest of the establishment, so I think he’s going to have to deal with that, that’s up to him, Cruz hasn’t made that mistake…” said Woolery.