Christie to Josh Earnest: Your Boss Lives in Fantasy Land

Josh Earnest may think that Chris Christie’s comments following President Obama’s State of the Union speech were negative, but Governor Christie has a message for the White House Press Secretary.

“I’m glad that Josh Earnest is speaking about me again. I’ll give the message right back to Josh -- that’s because I live in the real world Josh and your boss lives in fantasy land. This is a guy who might as well be at Epcot Center -- not be in the White House -- it’s absolutely outrageous,” he said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

He sounded off on President Obama’s comments on Syrian policy during the Adress.

“When you hear him last night say that our Syria policy is working… Tell the 250,000 dead Syrians that his policy’s working. Tell the Syrian refugees that are running for their lives to Europe and to other parts of the Middle East. Right now the fourth largest city in Jordan is a refugee camp… This is a guy who says that ISIS is being overestimated by us. Well, tell the families of the 130 dead people in Paris that we are overestimating them. Tell the families of the 14 dead folks in San Bernardino that we are overestimating them and tell the families of the folks who were killed in Turkey that we are overestimating them. This president lives in his own world -- we should give him a lifetime pass to Disney World.”

Governor Christie said America needs to build a coalition to defeat ISIS.

“We have to lead it, but we have to get everybody else involved in the game too. The leaders in Paris, in Germany, and in Great Britain, they know well that ISIS is a threat to them, and they need to help us bring the fight,” he said.

He also discussed his first executive order if elected president.

“My first executive order is going to freeze any new regulation for any department or agency or the government for six months and to [begin] a systematic lifting of these incredible regulations where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have this government in every corner of your life. It’s a wet blanket on our economy and we’re going to get the wet blanket off and let our economy grow jobs again.”

When asked whether he can beat Hillary Clinton he said: “No doubt about it. Same way I beat John Corzine against all odds in New Jersey.”