Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office

As flexible work and work-life balance become more popular, more and more people find themselves in need of home offices. After all: If you choose to work remotely, you'll need a place to work.

There are a few things you must consider when creating a space meant to foster productivity at home. In this post, we'll look at how to set up a home office in which you enjoy spending time.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Your chair is the key furniture item in your home office. This is where you'll spend most of your time, so you'll want something comfortable and supportive. It can be tempting to choose a chair based on style alone, but you'll likely regret it. While it may look fantastic on Instagram, it may also make you miserable when you have to work at your desk for long periods of time.

A specially designed ergonomic chair is your best bet. Find one that provides good lumbar support and can be adjusted to suit your needs. A chair that can swivel is also important, as it will give you easier access to all areas of your desk. If your home office is carpeted, make sure you pick a chair set on wheels designed for carpet.

Picking the Perfect Desk

First, think about the size of your room. A small desk can get lost in a large home office — not to mention the fact that it may make you feel cramped while you work. Alternatively, a desk that is too large for the room can be imposing, throwing off the whole look and feel of your space. What you want, then, is a desk that fits both the room and your work style.

Do you need to have all your documents within easy reach? A desk with ample space for an organizer or two will suit you best. If you like a sleek, clutter-free workspace, invest in a desk with enough storage space to keep your documents and other supplies out of sight but within reach.

Make Room for Breaks

Everybody needs a break during the day. In fact, studies show workers who take regular breaks are more productive. You'll have an easier time taking these recommended breaks if you create a comfortable breakaway space in your office.

Choose a comfortable chair and a cozy corner to create an escape from your desk. It's best to set up this escape within your office itself. If you have to venture too far to find it, you may become distracted by other little things around your home — like that pile of dishes that needs doing.

If a full-size sofa doesn't seem quite right for your office, you may want to try a "snuggler."  Halfway between a sofa and an armchair, a snuggler is the perfect size for most home offices.

Light and Color

Once you've decided on your office furniture, you should be thinking about where to place it in the room. You may want to place your desk in front of a window. You'll benefit from the natural lighting and the pleasant view.

Color is just as important as comfort when creating a workspace that inspires productivity. Color can affect your mood. Certain colors may make you feel more motivated and productive, while others can bring you down. For example, blue is said to stimulate the mind, while yellow is said to promote creativity. Ultimately, however, you should choose a color you like — something that makes you want to spend productive time in your office.

Make It Yours

Your home office is your space to work — so it should be set up to work for you. You know best what kind of environment encourages and motivates you, so make the space yours by adding personal touches. If you love being surrounded by plants, add greenery. If orange is your favorite color, add some orange accessories.

Ultimately, the space is yours. The best home office is one you enjoy.

Victoria Chase is an experienced writer who has worked across a wide variety of industries including fashion, travel, beauty, retail, and B2B.