Chat With Companies on Their Sites Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook wants to make it a little more convenient for you to connect with brands online to get questions answered and customer service issues sorted out.

A beta Customer Chat plugin will allow businesses to bring the capabilities of Messenger into their websites. As a customer, this means you'll be able to chat with businesses on their own websites via Messenger (on the web and in the mobile app), and transition back and forth without losing the conversation history.

"This makes it easier for customers to continue the conversation with a business whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them," the Facebook Messenger team wrote in a blog post.

The new plugin also supports Messenger features like payments, rich media, and more, the Messenger team added. Several businesses have already signed on to adopt the new feature, including Adore Me, Air France, Argos, Aviva, Bodeaz, Goibibo, Keto Mojo, KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Spoqa, Total Activation, Volaris, and Zalando.

Businesses interested in adding the Customer Chat plugin to their website can head here and sign up to be notified when it becomes broadly available.

This new feature comes after Facebook this summer started rolling out ads inside its Messenger app worldwide. Clicking one of these ads will either send you to the advertiser's webpage or a Messenger conversation with the company.

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