Celebrating High-Powered Women: LV Friday Five, July 20, 2012

Lots of exciting news for female executives this week! Here’s a quick round up of this week’s posts that dealt with high-powered women and their careers.

Google’s Marissa Mayer was appointed CEO of Yahoo! this week and subsequently announced that she is seven months pregnant.

Amy Keyishian wrote a thought-provoking piece about Mayer’s appointment and her announcement to only take a few weeks of maternity leave. What does her decision mean for other women?

Mayer’s new job goes along with other news about female earning: A new study shows that 53% of women are breadwinners.

While female breadwinners on the rise, women at high-stress jobs should pay extra attention to their health. Another study reveals that they are more likely to suffer a heart attack than those at lower stress jobs.

If you find that work problems are keeping you up at night, here’s a helpful post from our partners at Brazen about how to manage your work-life balance.