Cash-Back Card Survey: Best Return for Your Buck?

When it comes to credit card rewards, cash back is a popular option. In fact, nearly 45% of offers for rewards credit cards sent in 2011 were for cash-back cards, according to new research from Mintel Comperemedia.

But which cash-back cards offer the best return for your spending?

To help you find a rewarding cash-back credit card, gathered key details on the cash-back cards from among the largest issuers. The survey, which included 50 cash-back cards from 19 issuers, was conducted from Jan. 9 to 13, 2012.

The following chart shows you the return you'll get on your spending -- in some cases, a range based on spending level or purchase category -- offered on popular cash-back cards. Click on an individual card's name to see information about its annual fee, reward formula, introductory bonus offer and expiration restrictions, if applicable.

This information was gathered the week of Jan. 9, 2012. Rewards are subject to change. Check with the institution for the latest information.

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