Carmelo Anthony's Triple Threat: All-Star, Olympian & Tech Investor

You might know Carmelo Anthony as New York Knicks star forward but he also founded venture capital firm M7 Tech Partners.

The 9-time NBA all-star and Olympian jumped into the industry two-years ago and currently has 30 companies under his firm.

“I think technology is an opportunity to be heard and I just felt like I wanted to be part of companies that [are] changing the world,” he said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Jo Ling Kent.

Topping the list of his favorite investments is ride-sharing service Lyft. While the company was recently banned from Austin, Texas over failure to comply with regulations, Anthony doesn’t seem too concerned.

“I just believed in kind of what they’re doing, their motto, their business plan and they’ll figure it out,” he said.

Anthony also discussed why athletes are turning to multi-tech fashion platforms and why he’s designing a Teenage Ninja Turtles clothing line.

“I think it’s a runway for athletes to get into that lane. It’s something different, I know for me it was more of a genuine connection with the turtles, so the opportunity presented itself,” he said.

So if it came down to investing in his team the New York Knicks would Melo bite?

“Absolutely… New York [is] the greatest city in the world,” he said.