Carly Fiorina: No Boots on the Ground

Hillary Clinton might support boots on the ground, but Carly Fiorina explained why she’s not ready to send 10,000 troops to the Middle East just yet, during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“There are a whole host of things that we should have done that we have not done and unfortunately I think Obama has managed to polarize the debate about what to do with ISIS with a false choice. The false choice that Obama presents to the American people is, if you don’t agree with what I am not doing, then the only option is tens of thousands of boots on the ground. It’s simply false,” she said.

She criticized the Obama administration for not supplying Middle East allies with support sooner.

“We’ve had a fairly effective bombing campaign over the last couple of days. Why haven’t we been doing that for a year and a half? Because we’ve had politically expedient rules of engagement, that’s why. Why haven’t we provided the Jordanians with the bombs and material for their air force [that] they’ve asked us for?”

She also responded to Donald Trump increasing his lead in post-Paris polling.

“Well, I do think that the American people understand the difference between strength and weakness. I frankly think we pay way too much attention to these national polls for the simple reason that we know from history that national polls at this stage in an election are not predictive and are frequently flat wrong. But I think there is no doubt that the American people understand that President Obama is weak. They understand that President Obama has consistently underestimated this threat. They understand that Hillary Clinton, who may be saying the right things now, has done all the wrong things. It was Hillary Clinton, after all, who lied to us about a purposeful terrorist attack in Benghazi.”

In addition, Fiorina explained why Benghazi relates to ISIS.

“When we are attacked purposefully by terrorists in Benghazi and our own secretary of state now running for president stands up and talks about a video tape, it sends a very clear signal around the world to every terrorist -- open season. The United States of America isn’t going to do anything when they are attacked by terrorists,” she said.