Career Advice From NBC’s Bob Greenblatt

Chairman of NBC Entertainment and Broadway Producer Bob Greenblatt steps into the FBN Suite Spot and tells Liz why he isn’t focused on goals.

CLAMAN: You somehow managed to do both television and your passion of Broadway, which has brought you to an award winning show, “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” plus “Something Rotten.”  Tell me, what do you think you had within you to really reach for your dreams and bifurcate them to make sure you could do both TV and Broadway?

GREENBLATT: You know, I grew up in Illinois, where we had an incredible amount of arts organizations, regional theatres, community theatres and high school theatre. It all goes back to the teachers and those early days, and I just thought, “If I can figure out a way to get out of Illinois and get to L.A. or New York, I could do anything.”  I love movies and television, and I also love the theatre.  I was able to figure out a way to do both.

CLAMAN: For the people who are watching, who say, “I want to be that guy, whatever my industry is,” what is the characteristic you really feel you should have to get to the top?

GREENBLATT: I just think, never give up.  And in some ways, don’t even think about the goal or the success, just be in the process of whatever creative endeavor you’re working on. The rest of it will all play itself out. Just stay in the moment of the creative process.

CLAMAN: So, your old pals from Illinois, are they amazed or are they not surprised?

GREENBLATT: [You] know, they’re both -- because many of them actually went on to be successful in the Broadway theatre and in Hollywood as well.  So, a lot of us are working together and doing things together.  We always just thought there’s nothing holding us back and we can do it. That’s a great attitude to get from your parents and your teachers.

CLAMAN: But if you don’t get [that], just think of it yourself.  You just said never give up.

GREENBLATT: Never give up. And go for it, whatever you have to do.

CLAMAN:  Bob Greenblatt, superstar Broadway producer.  Many more Tony’s we hope from you to come.

GREENBLATT:  I hope so too.

CLAMAN: And of course, we love having you, being the guy who’s running NBC Entertainment, you’re here at Fox.  Thank you so much.