Career Advice: Don’t Do 'What You’re Supposed to'

Business consultant Ori Bengal, who was featured in’s Small Office Home Office profile series, works for himself from home, or others’ abodes, he says because it allows him to only work on projects he is absolutely passionate about.

The business consultant, Web designer, and jack of many other trades says “if you want to have happiness, you have to educate yourself. That's where it all starts. Freedom is a state of mind, not just a paycheck ... and having the right mindset will control that happiness.”

Bengal’s family is always pressuring him to get a “real” job with a constant paycheck and job security – something he can succeed in. Yet he considers himself already successful - he does work that he loves when he wants to, where he wants to, if he wants to.

“When I do work, I enjoy it very much. I challenge myself, and I change peoples' lives,” he says.

Here are his tips for today’s hopeful entrepreneurs.

No. 1: Read, read, read. He says anything by marketing and leadership author Seth Godin is great. He also says to get some motivational books, to fuel the mind.

No. 2: Learn copywriting. Bengal says it is the most profitable skill in the world.

“Copywriting is people skills on paper, and when you know it, you use it verbally, too,” he says. “It allows you to get more business whenever you need, whether you have a product or a service.”

No. 3: Help other people. It’s good Karma.

No. 4: Leverage social media and your local community to do business with people you know and trust. Have clients that appreciate you for who you are.

“Help people, offer value, and be interesting,” Bengal says. Companies that embrace who their employees are can’t hire people fast enough, he adds. Look at, Apple and Google -- they are so successful and big because they encourage people to innovate, think for themselves, and be themselves.”

No. 5: Find mentors! Be specific in why you're approaching them, and don't waste their time.

No. 6: Attend conferences to learn new skills and meet new people. There is an energy that grows when you collaborate with other people.

“That is one of the most valuable principles that I've learned to be true,” Bengal says.

No. 7: Take personality tests that tell you a little about yourself, your advice and strategies for your particular top skills. The bottom line is that the more you know about yourself, the better off you are.

No. 8: Consider what will truly make you happy, and not what others tell you will make you happy. Don't worry about what you're "supposed to do” and you'll be blown away by the results.

No. 9: Ditch the negative people in your life and find like minded people via web sites like You're not going to have the interactions with the people at the office, so you might as well interact with people that have something in common with you. People bring perspective, support and sanity.

No. 10: Don't be afraid to fail. Don't try to fail, but don't be afraid of it. You can tell who has failed the most because they are the most successful people around.