Captain: Deadliest Catch’s First Female ‘Intimidated’ Salty Dogs

Greenhorn Amy Majors is the first female shipmate to join Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” She sat down with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, along with Captain Keith Colburn, to discuss why she wanted to hit the rough seas.

“I’ve been a fisherman my entire life. I’m third generation… it’s a family thing,” she said.

Captain Colburn nearly replaced Majors because she intimidated the all-male crew.

“It’s kind of an odd dynamic having a female on the boat… The guys, especially some of the younger guys I feel were a little intimidated,” said Colburn. “Guys, especially on the Bering Sea, are used to working with just guys… I think more than anything it was more of a distraction for them more than anything.”

Colburn said the TV show doesn’t make much of a difference to the bottom line.

“Thing is, I make almost all of my money from fishing not from TV... It’s a lucrative job if you own the boat,” he said.