Capital One Launches 2 Percent Cash Back Credit Card for Small Business

Capital One officials launched a new small business credit card this month that may look familiar to fans of its consumer cash back cards. The Capital One Business No Hassle Cash Premier Card offers a flat, 2 percent cash back reward across all purchases, not just on transactions made with select partners or in seasonal purchasing categories.

The business credit card leverages the same online reward tracking system that has made its other No Hassle cash back cards popular among consumers. Business owners can use a secure website to issue company credit cards to employees. Then, along with monitoring daily expenses, company managers can watch rewards stack up in real time. Account managers can set automatic redemption levels that trigger statement credits when rewards reach milestones as low as $25. Owners also enjoy the option of redeeming rewards for gift cards or converting rewards into charitable donations.

Card aims to simplify rewards for business

In a statement to reporters, Capital One spokesperson Rajsaday Dutt said that his company aimed to simplify the experience of using cash back cards for business. Calling some of his competitors' cards "high maintenance," Dutt explained that the Business No Hassle card wouldn't require company managers to constantly enroll for short-term promotions to earn Capital One's highest cash back reward percentages. Dutt also pointed out some of the card's other features, including:

-A $100 signup bonus after making $1,000 in purchase during the first 90 days with the card.

-An additional $50 bonus when a business adds its first free employee credit card to a new account.

-A version of Capital One's customization system that lets business owners add their own logos to employee cards.

-Advanced account permissions that give varying levels of reporting access to employees, managers, and owners.

-Tools that allow managers and owners to set spending limits on individual employee cards.

Prospective cardholders can apply for the Capital One Business No Hassle Cash Premier Card from the card issuer's website, or by calling 1-866-390-5934.