Canadian Chick-Felay Feels Backlash From Chick-fil-A’s Gay Marriage Firestorm

Talk about an unfortunate mix-up. A Canadian franchise felt the wrath of some angry protesters thanks to its’ showrunner’s stance on gay marriage. The only problem was, the company’s president and CEO never took one.

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Chick-Felay, a Canadian chicken restaurant with four locations in Toronto, was on the receiving end of some confusing customer interaction thanks to its name, which is strikingly similar to the U.S.-based chain, Chick-fil-A. The U.S.-based Chick-fil-A has been in the national spotlight as of late after its president and CEO Dan Cathy spoke out against gay marriage. The Wall Street Journal reported Chick-Felay employees were unsure of why customers were both protesting and praising the staff’s “stand.”

”The servers were like, ‘What’s going on?’, ” Chick-Felay founder and CEO Nabeel Khan told the Wall Street Journal. ”I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about. I was selling chicken.”

Chick-Felay won’t be speaking out on any issues in the near future, and has only chicken in common with Chick-fil-A. Khan told the paper he is not in the business of politics.

Khan did not respond to requests for comment from