Bye Honey, Newlyweds Mini-Mooning in This Economy


Are you looking to open a business this year? Need some ideas? You've come to the right place.

Here are some of the business trends global marketing communications giant and trendwatcher JWT says are worth keeping an eye on this year.

Going Glam

Given the success of blow-dry hair bars like Blow and Drybar, can makeup salons be far behind? Already opening in places like New York City, makeup salons offer quick touch ups, basic makeovers, or more bold looks. Big urban markets can likely support a stand-alone salon; if you live in a smaller market, consider adding these services at existing hair or nail salons or spas.

If you decide to go this route, you should know one of the hottest ingredients in skincare is algae. Yes, the slimy green stuff is being added to beauty products and one startup has received $5 million in seed funding to create algae-based nutraceuticals.

Chilling Out

Who among us is not guilty of multi-tasking? Small business owners, in particular, are constantly juggling numerous tasks, despite all the current research that shows multi-tasking makes us distracted, frazzled and jittery. As an antidote, many are turning to products (relaxation drinks) and services (meditation or yoga) to help them calm down and focus. Several savvy entrepreneurs are now offering “enhanced” beverages with relaxing ingredients, and of course yoga continues to be one of America’s hottest trends.

Eat Your Vegetables

No, I’m not channeling your mother. Consumers are increasingly demanding more vegetable options on menus, and restaurants, from fast-casual chains to upscale eateries are accommodating them. Even meat-eaters are getting in on the act, expecting restaurants of all types to offer more vegetarian options. The trend is partly driven by a growing desire to eat less meat, and partly by the broader trend embracing farm-fresh, locally-grown food.


Due to changing demographics, America will see a significant increase in the number of weddings starting this year and lasting for at least the next 25 years. This trend will impact numerous businesses, from clothing retailers to florists, caterers and jewelry stores. But because of the still-struggling economy, one trend we’re seeing this year is mini-honeymoons. Many newlyweds are putting off the traditional one- or two-week excursion, in favor of spending a few days closer to home. And they’re planning to have the honeymoon at a later date, when the economy is better, flights are cheaper and they have more disposable income.

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