Business Lessons from Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia

Trying to grow your business? Check out these lessons from emerging markets, learn how to test innovative new ideas and find out whether a remote workforce will be beneficial – or harmful – to your company.

What you can learn from Brazil: Want to compete against larger competitors? The Harvard Business Review says you can learn a lot by studying the lessons of markets of emerging countries.

Spend less testing your idea: If you’ve got a new idea for a startup – or want to innovate the way your established company does business – it’s important to test it out before spending a lot of money on development. Ready Set Startup has 6 free or low-cost ways to test your idea.

Do you trust remote workers? In the wake of Marissa Mayer’s decision to bring remote workers back into the office, the idea of working from home is on many business owners’ minds. Here’s what five small business owners had to say on the subject when it came to their own companies.

The A to Z’s of receivables management: How do you handle payments? Here are the 26 things you should know about managing receivables, according to YFS Entrepreneur.

Exit like an expert: When it comes to the acquisition of your company, says that it’s not just about the money. Find out what a successful acquisition should entail.