Business Advice from Oscar Movies

Whether you're watching the Academy Awards for the fashion or to root on your favorite movies and actors, one expert says there's more to gain from this year's ceremony than pure entertainment.

According to celebrity party planner and author Marley Majcher, past Oscar nominated films and this year's hopefuls can offer insightful lessons for both business and life.

“Hold on to your top hat. Even if you’ve already watched these Oscar favorites, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Majcher said in a release.

From Jerry Maguire's business lessons about following your heart, to Rocky's fight for what he believes in, Majcher is offering up her ten favorite past and present Oscar movies and their hidden professional advice for viewers.

Can a little fiction help you push your business to the next level? Click through our slideshow to see what insight Majcher says you can get from these famous films.