Bush: Terrorists are Widespread; at least ISIS Appears Consolidated

Although it’s not immediately clear which terrorist group is behind the Mali hotel attack, GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush explained why the focus on ISIS is important during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

“There are many different variations of the same theme. In fact, I think the focus on ISIS is very important because it’s the one place that’s consolidated -- but there are forms of this in Libya, Afghanistan and other countries including Mali where the French have fought against Islamic terrorists in the last years.”

Bush said ground troops need to be strategically deployed to eliminate ISIS for good.

“We need to have a strategy and I think the Commander in Chief needs to embrace that strategy  but it needs to be based on what is the optimum way to destroy ISIS and to create security and stability so there is not a void filled and another group comes in.”

Despite the tragedy unfolding in Mali, Bush said this is a threat to the homeland.

“This is not some far removed deal. We are watching the tragedy unfold in Mali that is a long way, away. But there are people forming in our own country as the FBI director has said -- that there is something like 80 different investigations that are ISIS related in our own country. This is serious business.”

When asked if ISIS is present in America, Bush said: “I think that inspired by ISIS, there are people inside our country for sure.”