Bridezillas Be Warned: Throwing a Fit Could Cost You Big Money


Bridezillas might be fun to watch in all of their tantrum-throwing glory on TV, but vendors are starting to put their feet down when it comes to these diva brides-to-be.

More wedding vendors are implementing "Bridezilla, Diva and Madonna" taxes and clauses in their contracts with blushing brides in an attempt to quell their demanding behavior--right up to their walk down the aisle, according to Amy Eisinger, associate editor of

Although the taxes and clauses aren’t mainstream yet, Eisinger says restrictions like this could put a vendor in a bad light.

"I think it would, and should, send up a red flag for brides considering booking that vendor. It's like any of the other intangibles we see go into contracts--it's difficult to pinpoint what that obnoxious behavior is."

But brides don't seem to mind the contract additions. According to an informal poll of users on, 60% report they would sign a vendor contract with a “bridezilla clause.”