Bob Dole: Step Up the Air Campaign Against ISIS

When it comes to defeating ISIS, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole doesn’t seem too impressed by the Obama Administration’s strategy, specifically when it comes to air and ground support.

“We’ve had a very tepid air campaign… My view is we need to step up the air campaign, it’s necessary. And more support forces, special forces can assist whatever group -- particularly the Egyptians, the Turks, certainly forces in Syria,” Dole said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

He also discussed the debate over tech privacy.

“There ought to be some targeted way to work it out to protect privacy and still not interfere with the efforts to collect data that might lead you to some radicalized American or someone from some other country.”

When asked who fared well at Tuesday’s debate he said: “I think [it was] Jeb Bush’s best showing of all the debates. If I had to pick four [of the best performers] it would be Christie and Bush, Fiorina and Rubio.”

He also discussed why Ted Cruz doesn’t have support from the Senate.

“They [Senate] don’t like him -- because he is so extreme. Most Republicans are traditional Republican Conservatives. Ted Cruz is very smart, a good debater, but he is way off … He holds these extreme conservative views that are supported by some of his big donors, oil companies primarily, and he calls Senator McConnell on the Senate floor a liar. I was there 28 plus years and I never heard of such a thing,” he said.