BMW Shut off Exhaust Filtering in Some Cars: Lobby Group -Tagesspiegel, ZDF

BMW (BMW.XE) used software in some of its diesel vehicles to shut off exhaust filtering systems, report German daily Der Tagesspiegel and German public broadcaster ZDF's WISO program, citing measurements by environmental lobby group Deutsche Umwelthilfe, or DUH.

--The report claims that the systems turned off in certain driving conditions, and DUH claims this led to nitrogen oxide emissions up to seven times higher than when tested in a laboratory setting, Tagesspiegel reports.

--Five diesel engine models, of which four use the same engine model, showed the diverging test results, says Tagesspiegel, citing the lobby group.

--A BMW spokesperson was not immediately available to comment.

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December 05, 2017 03:19 ET (08:19 GMT)