'Black Guns Matter' Founder: An Armed Society is a Polite Society

Despite the gun laws in place, cities such as Chicago are still struggling to curb their violent crime epidemic.  'Black Guns Matter' Founder Maj Toure has proposed a unique alternative to the conventional reaction of calling for even stricter gun laws.  Toure suggests providing more access to guns along with proper training.

“More so than just giving young urban people, of all races, firearms, giving them education about second amendment rights, giving them more education about conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics ‘cause that’s completely missing in urban areas like the city of Chicago,” Toure told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Toure cited New Hampshire, where a license is no longer required to carry a concealed, loaded gun, as an example.

“To not sound cheesy, but, an armed society is a polite society.  And we see it in states like New Hampshire, very low, you know, firearm crimes, that just became constitutional carry yesterday.”

Toure says the organization’s proposal has received positive reactions.

“We get an amazing reception from, you know, the people in these urban communities.”

According to Toure, there has even been positive feedback from law enforcement largely due to the proposal’s education aspect.

“Because of the way we’re doing it, we’re dealing with, like I said, conflict resolution, de-escalation, training, safe, responsible gun ownership, even dealing with, you know, teaching young people, you know, if you see a firearm, what to do and what not to do.”

When Varney points out that his proposal is the opposite of the gun law proposals officials traditionally put forward in reaction to violent crime, Toure responded,”I’m saying the opposite ‘cause the facts of the matter are it’s not working.  If the things that they were trying, you know, Mr. Emanuel over there in Chicago, yesterday they had their most deadliest night, 24 hours, the deadliest night, and they have all the laws on the law books.”