Bite Into The Biggest Cookie Makers in the World

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With new reports about the best milk for your body and exciting new products like a2 Dairy hitting the market, we got a little hungry at So what goes best with milk? Cookies!

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We rounded up the biggest brands that bake up your favorite cookies.  Check out the top three makers below...and feel free to have a cookie party on us.

1. Mondelez International

The biggest cookie maker is Mondelez International (NASDAQ:MDLZ).  According to IBISWorld report Mondelez is the top global snack food makers with a market share of 17.7% – operating in over 150 countries worldwide. You can certainly thank Mondelez for some of your favorite treats: Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and those delicious little Teddy Grahams. According to Mondelez, North America alone generated $6.9 billion in sales in 2015.

2. Kellogg Company

Coming in at number two is Kellogg Company (NYSE:K).  Founded in 1906, IBISWorld shows Kellogg having a market share of 8.4%.  Besides cereal and waffles, Kellogg kicks out some of the most iconic cookies in America: Keebler, Famous Amos and Chips Deluxe.  According to Kellogg, with a 2015 net sales of $3.1 billion, Kellogg continues to hope to capitalize on developing healthier foods that contain Omega 3 and quinoa.

3. Campbell Soup Company

The third biggest cookie baker by market share is, fun fact, Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB)! Besides chicken noodle soup, Campbell is a global cookie manufacturer and according to IBISWorld has 6.9% of the market share. Campbell’s main cookie product?  Pepperidge Farm (love those Milanos!).  According to Campbell’s most recent annual report, in 2015 the company's net sales decreased 2%.

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