Binders Full of Tweets


So what words of wisdom helped me run my small business this week?  Here’s a few I liked.

@DanVForbesBesides a smile, looking your audience directly in the eye creates trust and likeability.

@AlfYATDCustomers may forget what they bought, customers may forget what it cost, but customers won't forget how you made them feel.


When you have to Google how to contact a business just to find a phone number, it means they have a bad website.

@KarlNova  How you package and label something determines where it will be delivered, who will receive it and how it is received

@shelbigomez  70% of the buying cycle is complete before sales is contacted- Wow!

@gitomer  They don't want your brochure. They want answers to their situations and concerns.

@ExactTarget  The companies who are going to win are those who can adapt and change quickly. How? Stay well-connected to start-ups.

@AlexOsterwalder As an entrepreneur by nature I'm pretty much unemployable... but as an entrepreneur I create jobs :-)

@RickWarren  Post-debate SpinRooms are completely irrelevant and useless now that we have millions judging in real-time on social media.

@LeadTodayMost people jump to conclusions while successful people are jumping at opportunities.

@edbott I get reader mail. Here, in total: "Will all the software that functions on windows Xperia still function on windows 8"

(and subsequently…)

@edbott I think I should tell that reader if he is happy in his alternate universe with Windows Xperia, he should just stick with it.

@jaybaer I'm officially old. Love Shack on Muzak at dentist's office <sigh>.

@ChrisPirillo Okay, now I'd like to see Felix Baumgartner jump from the Moon to Earth. #TripleDogDare

‏@chrisbrogan If the CMO and the head of sales sat in the same room every day, I predict the world would be different. You?

@edbott Google can't keep from accidentally blurting its own earnings publicly. You still trust it with your personal data and business files?

‏@reckless It definitely says something about the world when Citibank's hold music is hot guitar licks.

@gapingvoid Thinking I should spend less time on Twitter, more time on Instagram. We shall see.

@RomneysBinder No comment on the rumors that Bill Clinton has already asked to borrow me.

‏@BrentonRules Lance Armstrong cheated in a BICYCLE race and incidentally raised like a billion dollars for cancer. So I'm gonna let it slide.


Every name you capture is a corporate asset, every email you get into your database is a hot lead


Our national debt is increasing at a rate of more than $2 million every minute.


all elves? RT @RebeccaJarvis: Holiday Hiring: Amazon 50,000; Wal-Mart 50,000; Macy's 80,0000; Toys R Us 45,000


47% of Americans are living in binders.