Billionaire Hubbard Says He'll Help Trump & Sounds Off on Anti-Rich Protests

Hubbard Broadcasting CEO and billionaire GOP donor Stanley Hubbard says even though Donald Trump has vowed to self-fund his whole campaign, he will help the presumptive presidential nominee during the election.

“I will help him out and anyone who wants to see sensible government and get away from the Obama Administration better get on board whether they love Trump or not,” said Hubbard to the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

He added, “As time goes by I think people are going to realize we have two choices: Either Donald Trump, who may not be our favorite choice, or Hillary Clinton, who’s our worst choice.”

He also responded to anti-rich protests and President Obama mentioning that the rich got lucky during a Howard University commencement speech on Saturday.

“I think when we built the direct broadcast satellite business we didn’t get lucky. We bet... everything we owned on it, and that’s what entrepreneurs do and entrepreneurs create jobs and banks create jobs. And all this nonsense about the rich has to be stopped because it’s the so-called rich that invest the money, take the risk and provide jobs and opportunities,” he said.