Better off Than You Were Four iPhones Ago?

Lots of tweets this week about the iPhone 5.  And here are a few more that gave me inspiration (and made me laugh too!)


My publisher told me 'You don't worry about word counts, just write what you need to say'. Do the same on your blog #blogchat


Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself, you know that thing you always wanted to do, go do it ...


Newly confident that we will not be ruled by machines, as long as printers are on their executive committee. Flipping useless things.


Tech pundits ought to set our sights high. We should be disappointed because we expected too much. That's the point of the future


A new survey found 34% of Americans don't have a Facebook or Twitter account. There’s even a name for those people: Productive.

@LollyDaskalif we depend on others' perceptions to meet our expectations. we will be disappointed each time.

@HykenBuild processes that make your customers feel special by giving them recognition, reassurance, & respect.

@gingerconsultWe cannot be good at everything we do, we must admit our weaknesses, but show our strengths.

@DanVForbesThe habits of the organization mirror the habits of its leader and people.

@KnowledgeBishopThere is a difference between "defeated" and "fatigued": Don't retreat, just recharge and then resume!

@YouTernMarkGolfers have a great competitive spirit: they compete against the course only; other players are only thought of as rivals.

@ValaAfsharDo you want to achieve more? then *give* more credit and share the rewards.

@mooreconsortiumSatisfaction is the lowest level of service. You need to go up a few gears to make your customers come back again and again.

@LeadershipfreakPpl aren't interested in your answer until they feel you understand their problem.

@JJeff4Use each and every obstacle as an opportunity. One door closes, but who's to say 3 more won't open?

@MaraboliSaysSometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them.

@LeadTodayEvery truly successful person has someone in their life that isn't afraid to tell them the truth.

@Jeremy_KingsleyIt's not so much about position and title, it is about influence and example.


"Management is nothing more than motivating other people" – Lee Iacocca


"A brand is a promise that is made...and kept." via Beth Ruoff, Managing Director, Strategy & Planning @OgilvyDC


Principle #1 - Your customer is your paycheck.


Are you better off than you were four iPhones ago?

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