Best Part of Free Business Advice?


Bitcoin is making people rich and poor and other interesting “Tweet” observations to help me run my small business this week.

@kellyhclay 61% of US mobile users will access social networks on mobile devices in 2013.

@pkafka all new condos = "luxury apartments". all startups = "disruptive". so what's tech analog of granite countertops, stainless steel fridge?

@carlquintanilla Heard my wife tell our 3 year-old girls to "lean in" -- then realized she meant eat over the dinner table. (cc: @LeanInOrg @sherylsandberg)

@bridger_w Sometimes I like to show up to work late just to keep my coworkers in suspense about my outfit

@heathercampbell My goal for today: gain ten more followers on Twitter and have a real conversation with a human being by next week Friday

‏@chrisbrogan The best part of free advice is you don’t lose money when you throw it away.

‏@charlesarthur Thought for the day: most iPads and iPhones are owned by Windows PC owners.

‏@umairh Until the way we conceive of and measure progress is redesigned, we're not going to get much more progress.

‏@iannarino I think of failure in the same way a professional baseball player thinks of striking out. How fast can I get up to bat again?

@charlesarthur Bitcoins above $200. Soon going to need a log graph to display the price sensibly. (Note: price guaranteed to crash. At some point.)

@TheStalwart Only in politics do people not recognize that a cut to the rate of growth is a cut.

‏@SarahRobinson So three days ago, I tweeted a compliment to the hotel I was staying in. Still haven't heard from them. Don't be that brand.

@gapingvoid Everybody likes the Internet. Even if it costs them their career.

@jowyang FourSquare local ads for retailers means it'll be an instant coupon machine in real world. Checkin: get news, deals.

‏@kevinroose  The Winklevii: blessed with good looks, cursed with world's worst business luck.

@jaredbkeller  If I never hear about J.C. Penney or Bitcoin again it'll be too soon

@anildash  Hoping Ron Johnson's exit from JC Penney gets some startups to question their creepy reverence for Apple's tactics. Do your own thing.

@izakaminskaJust asked if I could pay for my dinner in bitcoin. Apparently not.

‏@ourfounderWithout communication and understanding, it's not collaboration.

@leighmunsilA press release without a contact phone number is like a worthless page of the Internet.

@ManBartlettWatching the "undo" send link disappear while simultaneously realizing you need to unsend. Hate it when that happens.

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.