Ben Carson Says He Would Inflict Financial Pain on Putin

During an interview with The FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson explained how he would handle Putin and his Syrian airstrike strategy.

“We shouldn’t back down from Putin right now. We need to make him aware of the fact that we are not going to alter our flight patterns; we aren’t going to be restricted by anything that he says. Same thing with ground… I would establish a no-fly zone along the Turkish border because we don’t want the forces to be in juxtaposition because that would increase the possibility of international incident. And I would be talking to Putin and he needs to understand that if he continues with this activity we are going to use all the facilities that we have available to us, including financial facilities to inflict pain on him,” he said.

Carson said the U.S. needs a global strategy to challenge Putin.

“We need to have a global strategy. And it needs not only be in Syria. We need to be talking about the Baltic Basin… Eastern Europe. We need to be challenging him there. We need to have more than one armored brigade there… We need to have a missile defense system reestablished… Let’s get in his face a little bit,” he said.

He also responded to criticisms from other GOP candidates over not having enough experience to be president.

“I’m not one dimensional. I spent 18 years on the board of directors of Kellogg’s. Sixteen years on the board of directors of Costco. Was the chairman of the board of Vaccinogen a biotech company. Started a national non-profit… How many of them have done that? I don’t know. I can tell you one thing, a person who knows how to solve problems can solve problems in lots of different arenas,” he said.