Ben Carson: Clinton Will Heal the GOP

Dr. Ben Carson’s endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is going strong. During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Carson reacted to Trump praising his former GOP rivals during his Indiana victory speech.

“He is not the monster that people clearly try to portray him [as],” he said.

Carson also discussed how Trump will win over black voters.

“The messaging has been lacking for Republicans. We are going to be talking about [how to] provide ladders of opportunity so that people can climb that ladder and become highly successful portions of the fabric of America.”

New exit polls among Indiana voters revealed the GOP campaign has mostly divided the party and the Democratic campaign has energized its party. Carson says while the process has been “very raucous,” Hillary Clinton will help unite Republicans.

“You would have thought that after 2012 we would have learned the lesson – but we didn’t. But now we just have some bigger wounds that have to be healed but I think that the healing balm, the sap, the ointment will be Hillary Clinton. When people begin to think about her and what she represents and the progressive ideology and how it’s going to destroy our financial underpinnings and our position in the world and empower our enemies.”

While he has discussed potential options for Trump’s vice presidential pick, Carson would not disclose details of their private conversation.