Ben Carson: Campaign Shake-Up Imminent

Despite falling poll numbers, donors to GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson don’t seem to be too concerned, as they are still giving money to the retired neurosurgeon’s campaign.

“We have some very good supporters who actually aren’t influenced by the media,” Carson told FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “Recognize that the pundits and the media have been wrong about me from the beginning. Everything they’ve said has always been wrong consistently at least.”

He added: “The people are the ones who have funded this. I don’t accept donations from billionaires who want to influence me or from special interest groups. I don’t believe in those things. I think that’s one of the real reasons that nothing that comes out of Washington, D.C. makes any sense, because it’s attached to some special interest group.”

One of Carson’s opponents in the GOP race, Donald Trump, has made similar comments. However, Carson told Cavuto: “That’s all very nice of him to say but he’s one of the people who bought and paid for people, and that’s kind of hypocritical for him to say that.”

As for reports about a campaign staff shake-up, Carson said “we’re going to certainly be altering some things in the campaign.”