Be on the lookout for Bed Bath & Beyond coupons you can use online

You have to love those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. The housewares retailer not only gives you 20 percent or $5 off a single item for in-store purchases, but its coupons also never expire, no matter the expiration date stamped on them. (A company spokesperson encourages you to use the coupons by the expiration date.) Beyond a nice bump-up in savings, how could these coupons get any better?

Make them usable for online shopping. A colleague who frequents a Bed Bath & Beyond near his New Jersey home happily reports that a 20 percent coupon he received in early June can also be applied to purchases he makes on As if he needs another reason to buy more stuff for his already well-equipped kitchen.

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It turns out that the coupon he received (shown) was part of a regional marketing test, something Bed Bath & Beyond does from time to time. So while as of early June, the Bed Bath & Beyond FAQ indicated that the retailers "coupons are accepted for in-store purchases only and can not be applied via our website," you might one day receive a coupon good for online purchases.

Bed Bath & Beyond sells several products we review regularly, including blenders, coffeemakers, and food processors, kitchen knives, cookware, and more. To find out whether you should look beyond Bed Bath & Beyond for kitchen gear, check our recently updated Ratings of appliances stores.

Maggie Shader

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