Barbra Streisand: Don't let Trump take credit for the economy

Singer Barbra Streisand urged her nearly half a million followers on Twitter Wednesday not to let President Donald Trump “take credit for the economy,” a year after he was elected.

“Don’t let @realDonaldTrump take credit for the economy. He can thank @BarackObama’s leadership and Janet Yellen’s role with the Fed,” Streisand tweeted, getting over 6,200 likes from her fans.

Ever since Trump was elected last November, stocks have been on a tear, soaring 28.5%, making it the fourth-best performance in history. In fact, the Dow has booked its best-ever first year under a new president since Franklin Roosevelt in 1945.

Trump boosted about those gains on Twitter the day before his election anniversary, citing that it’s a direct result of the moves his administration is making.

“Stock market hit yet another all-time record high yesterday. There is great confidence in the moves that my Administration is making. Working very hard on TAX CUTS for the middle class, companies, and jobs!” he tweeted.

Streisand, who has been a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton, also responded to a previous tweet by Trump after he said that “if more people embraced what I stand for, they would have won.”

“The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit,” Streisand tweeted, citing an ancient quote from Aesop’s Fables. She also added that change could be in the air as many Democrats sweep state elections across the country, “rejecting the divisive politics of Donald Trump. Congratulations America!”