Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer Says Doing This Will Help Trump

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer has some campaign advice for Donald Trump.

“You [have to] pull [voters] in… not push them away. America is looking at him, looking for a little reconciliation… The glasses are empty on both sides and people have to look at these candidates and try to put the emotions aside and say, who is best for me?” he said to FBN’s Stuart Varney.

And the best way to do that, according to Taffer, is to look at the local market.

“Who is going to reduce taxes on small businesses and reignite America from the inside out? Who’s going to raise those taxes? Who’s going to reduce the burden of Obamacare, on employees and employers, or who’s going to increase it? We need to get down to the grassroots,” he said.

He added:  “I’m on TV… and I’m on the road 40 weeks a year. Cameras run 12 hours a day. Sure, we kid around on set, tease each other, we have some fun. We don’t want every moment that we are on camera to be revealed but at the end of the day, what will these candidates do for us? And integrity has a lot to do with that.”

On whether Trump can make a comeback in the polls he said, “It’s all  about who can beat up who more… This is almost like a boxing match than a campaign. Unless somebody gives us a reason to vote for them rather than not to vote for the other side, I think the problems continue.”