Baltimore Ravens’ Benjamin Watson says don’t be friends with your kids

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson has some Father's Day advice for Dads: don't try to be friends with your kids. “While you want to have a great relationship with your children...we also want to establish the fact that we are the parents and we are the leaders in our household.”

Watson, author of a book, 'The New Dad's Playbook,' told FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney he took cues from his faith in preparing for fatherhood. “The Bible talks about our children being arrows and part of being arrows is sharpening them, being able to send them out into the world to do things that maybe we don’t do.”

Asked if his Bible-based parenting puts the father in the role of leader of the household, Watson said “It’s a fact of order.  And so when you look at scripture, when you look at the father, son, the holy spirit, they’re all God in one, but there is an order there…What happens is we as humans take it, we manipulate it, we turn it into a he’s better than her, he’s more important than her and that’s not what God intended at all, he intended for them to work together.”

Watson says his new book is a game plan for new fathers, telling Varney, “Part of this book is equipping dads to be the fathers they’re called to be.”