Attn Entrepreneurs: Avoid These Top Tax Mistakes

Don’t count Baby Boomers out when it comes to taking risks. And one entrepreneur cut his marketing budget by 90% with one simple move. These and more are some of today’s top small business and startup news stories from around the web.

1. Find out how the owner of a pool company revolutionized his business by embracing content marketing – and sliced his marketing budget by 90% in the process.

2. You may think starting a business is only for the young, but a new survey shows that Baby Boomers take greater risks –and start more businesses – than 20-somethings.

3. With big storms becoming a regular occurrence, should you buy flood insurance for your business office? The NFIB takes a closer look.

4. One entrepreneur says that a “balanced lifestyle” is impossible for fast-growth entrepreneurs. Do you agree?

5. Find out how 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis’s fashion choices have led to double-digit growth for one small retailer.

6. It’s tax season! Check out the top tax mistakes small business owners make, so you don’t make the same errors.