At SXSW and Pretending I'm not 38 Years Old


South by Southwest 2013 begins and the tweeting community is out in full force. Here are my latest picks for Tweets of the Week.


I just realized the reason old people seem so angry is because we've ruined everything.


The more tabs you have open the less you are doing.


My grandma said that when times were tough during the Great Depression, she'd take solace in watching the Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake.


I will accept your LinkedIn request with reckless abandon.


And with those 7 words, "you're never too old to be young," you were immediately unfriended.


Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. And the room (web) is getting bigger everyday.


Internal customers must be served with every bit of speed, reliability & quality that we would give to the outside customer.


Good questions get to the heart of the problem, need, situation very quickly without the buyer feeling like he or she is being pushed.


Early stage funders evaluate entrepreneur's strengths first. Business plan second. Know your own story!


Eliminate "pitching" ideas; instead open up to infinite possibilities by asking questions, & clarifying.


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you may need to put your duties as their boss in front of your duties as their friend.


Is the increase in the number of telemarketers calling directly tied to an increase in the effectiveness of #smallbiz SEO?


Formal education can get you a job ~ self education can make You rich.


You must have the same passion and intensity after the sale as you did when the deal was landed.


If you insist on knowing how every decision turns out before you make it then you'll never decide anything. Take a risk!@pkedrosky

I get so much satisfaction from declining to speak at conferences & private events. It is my newest superpower.

‏@alexia "You going to SXSW?" -- Everyone even vaguely related to tech, right now.@jbarro

This is a key problem with the sequester: even if an agency is wasteful, no reason to believe the spending cuts will come out of waste.


NYT today: subway fares going up; recovery boosting corporate profits bit not creating jobs; stealth tax breaks to corporate projects. ‏@1938loren

Unlocking cellphones really requires the President to get involved? You think it's that important? Really?


SXSW actually stands for: Siliconvalley Xpats Somewhat Wasted.


It sucks because ALL of my blog post drafts for three blogs (totaling hundreds) are all in Evernote limbo. For starters.


Stop chasing influence and start being helpful.


8 year old kids today have Facebook, MacBook pro, iPhone. When i was their age, I had a coloring book, crayons, chalk, and imagination


STAT: 42% of people have mentioned a brand in a Facebook statusupdate. If you're apart of that 42% retweet this!


lesson to companies-Innovation is going to happen, and if you’re not willing to obsolete your own products, someone else will do it for you.


Want to build relationships on Twitter? RT something that is not about you. If that's all you RT it looks self-serving.


This is the year of #WTF at #SXSW


App fatigue? Disagree. Mobile app response rates and engagement are much higher than email. Email fatigue is much higher.


Pretending I'm not 38 years old #SXSW


So exciting to see so many people recklessly spending other people's money! #SXSW


Every audience Q&A question is, essentially "Have you noticed how smart I am?" #sxsw


If you have a real market you don't advertise, you just give information.


Sometimes someone has to tweet to remind you to unfollow them.

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