At 80, Golf Legend Gary Player Beats His Age on the Green

Gary Player may be turning 80, but that’s not stopping him from staying fit and hitting the green.

He teamed up with golf legends Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino in collaboration with The Greenbrier Sporting Club to build a new course in West Virginia.

“We have such knowledge, experience -- have won probably over 400 tournaments. We’ve all designed golf courses all to be getting together to put all of our experience in one golf course for a man called Jim Justice… This is high in the mountains and this is going to be something very special,” he said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Player added that he’s still got his swing.

“On an average golf course, I average 70. So I still beat my age by 10 at least shots... on a 7,000 yard golf course I get very close to playing to scratch or one or two over par.”

Player attributes hard work to his success.

“I still work as hard as I ever did in my life at 80. I travel as many miles as I ever did…Retirement is a death warrant -- you’ve got to keep your body moving, your mind exercising.”

He also stays fit by hitting the gym.

“This morning I did 1,300 crunches, many sit ups and then I put 100 pound weight… I still run on the treadmill at maximum. I often push 300 pounds with my legs on the leg press but I also eat well. I eat properly and I think eating essential,” he said.