Asos Style Match Is Like Shazam for Fashion

British fashion retailer Asos is about to make it a lot easier to track down articles of clothing and accessories you're coveting.

Last August, the company introduced a visual search tool for its UK iOS app users called Style Match, which is basically like Shazam for fashion. Now, the company is launching Style Match globally on iOS and Android.

Here's how it works: Just press the camera icon in the app's search bar and snap or upload a photo of the item you're looking for. Style Match will then search the 85,000 products on Asos to find similar-looking items.

"Inspiration can strike you anywhere and at any time—whether it's a photo in a magazine, scrolling through an Instagram feed or even on a local street corner," Asos Digital Product Director Andy Berks said in a statement. "Now, with just a couple of taps of their mobile device, Asos customers can capture that fleeting moment and … find the item that's inspired them—or similar—at just the right time."

Asos has seen "strong engagement with the tool" since launching it in the UK, it said. Now, a lot more people will be able to try it out.

Asos isn't the only company embracing visual search. Pinterest and eBay already offer similar features inside their apps. Meanwhile, Google has a feature called Lens inside its Photos app that lets you run searches via your smartphone camera. You can, for instance, point your smartphone camera at an object like a flower or a painting, and Google's AI-powered algorithms will fetch information about it.

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