As an Entrepreneur, You Decide When to Work, Play


Beyonce. The inauguration. Apple. Manti. Hillary. And lots of great advice for running a small business. Last week had it all.

@smoothsale Hear complaints out, ask permission to resolve and you will turn an unhappy client into a returning & referring client!

@Merrillmarkoe NYT headline:"When the bullets flew, they didn't care that I was a woman" so from now on I'm doing all my job interviews at a shooting range.

@ZeroTimeSelling Sometimes orders are late. Don't panic. Breathe deeply. Protect your margins by not negotiating against yourself.

@SavorTheSuccess As an #entrepreneur, you do have a choice on how you spend your time. That's the beauty of being your own boss.

@abigdreamer The status quo says VC's are invisible and hard to reach. I say they will come to me if I my ducks fall in a row. Watch and see!

@WhiskeyDisks So someone goes to DC, gets up in front of a crowd, moves their lips, and nothing real comes out. How is America surprised by this? #Beyonce

@ichadlowe I get choked up by the Presidential #inauguration, no matter who is being sworn in. For all of our flaws, this country is extraordinary.

‏@Hyken When you treat customers right, they come back … and they tell others.

@CherylHeppard Look for in the news pages of companies in your industry & write about them. They might link to your story from their site.

@JonahLupton Apple had more profits in the past 8 weeks than Facebook had in the past 8 years.

@sunnysunwords #Apple has lost market value greater than #Kenya’s GDP this week.

@emmfrank why hasn't #Apple invented a way to take yourself out of group messages yet?

@gitomer Listening is one of the most important aspects of the communicating process, yet it's usually the weakest part of your skill set.

@JimGaffigan Just looked my calendar to see what I'm going to be late for tomorrow.

‏@Bill_Gross "If women's salaries were the same level as men's, then GDP would jump 5% in the United States." Christine Lagarde

@SusanSolovic To be successful in your #smallbiz or #career you need a vast#network. It's often not what you know, but who you know.

@mikevanhorn Example of a culture of smallness: Your customers expect to see your face when they come in. You stop your work to serve them. @MelissaStetten Time to dust off the old Girl Scout cookie locator app!

@MyNameisRazzle2 I was going to go caffeine free today, but then I realized that would be a stupid idea.

@michaelianblack Blockbuster still has 300 stores? RT @DeadlineCom Blockbuster To Close 300 U.S. Stores.

@MrWordsWorth Atari files for bankruptcy. Creditors to blow on cartridges to see if they can make the company solvent again.

@cc_chapman If YOU believe in the content you create, it is never wasted.

@LeadToday If you never use your influence to make a difference then how can you be sure that you actually have any influence???

@chrisbrogan Ah GoDaddy. Always there to email me reminders to renew all my bad ideas and fleeting whims.

‏@CarrieWilkerson Biz Owners: if you aren't screen capturing tweets & FB updates as testimonials, you're overlooking great social proof

‏@missusP Entrepreneurship a bit like marriage -starts sort of naive w/ high hopes. Time, changes; surprises inevitable. You choose how hard to fight.

‏@jrendell Sobering numbers for the car industry: at $483b #Apple is worth as much as Toyota, VW, BMW, Honda, Daimler and Ford put together....

@iHateFeds "If anyone is having a bad day today, In 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. It is now worth $58,065,210,000."

@cpbrophy A $482bn company can't grow at the pace of a start-up. Analysts who thought otherwise were caught in the reality distortion field #apple

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.