Army Vet Starts Franchise Business for Other Veterans

JDog Junk Removal’s mission isn’t limited to hauling junk: The growing franchise business is also dedicated to providing business opportunities to veterans and their family members.

After serving with the Army and the National Guard, JDog Junk Removal founder Jerry Flanagan spent 20 years in sales and marketing before launching JDog in 2011. In this Salute to American Success, we’re taking a look at the ways that Flanagan is dedicated to giving back.

“I branded the business model on impeccable service, which was based on my military experience,” Flanagan said, adding that JDog’s core values are respect, integrity and trust. “I wanted to franchise it for military veterans and their family members … We are the only [franchisor] making offers exclusively for veterans and their families.”

In just three years, JDog has grown to six franchises in six states; five are owned by veterans, with one owned by a military family member.

“I want to put up between 400 and 600 franchises throughout the country. This is the beginning of a larger picture for us. We want to put as many vets in small business ownership as possible,” Flanagan explains. He said he also wants to expand JDog’s business model to include electrician and plumbing services.

But the decision to franchise JDog Junk Removal solely to vets and their families isn’t just about supporting those who serve: Flanagan said it’s also a smart business decision.

“The military teaches ethics. Number one is punctuality and number two is respect for the people you work for and work with,” Flanagan said. “Customer service plays a big part for me.”