Are Your Instincts Leading You Astray?


Can good come out of tragedy?  Yes, says one entrepreneurship expert, who argues that recent grads make better employees due to their struggles during the Great Recession.

In today’s roundup, we’ve also got a look at a back tax that has California entrepreneurs crying foul, and a debate on whether it’s better to listen to your instincts or your customers’ requests.

Trust your gut? Should you be trusting your instinct – or listening more to your customer? Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price weighs in on how listening to her customers helped grow her business to $40 million in sales.

Retroactive tax hits entrepreneurs:  In California, entrepreneurs are arguing that a retroactive tax is punishing them for bringing jobs and business to the state.

Great Recession grads: good or bad? One New York Times columnist debates the pros and cons of hiring recent grads.