Apple launches preorders for new iPhones and watches, some quickly sell out

If you were hoping to be one the first to get your hands on Apple’s latest premium iPhones, you may need to wait a while.

Just after midnight Friday, Apple started taking preorders for two of its new iPhones and Series 4 smartwatch and, according to some users, models for delivery by launch day on Sept. 21 are already sold out.

“Some Series 4 and XS Max models sold out in less than a minute. Wowzer,” one Twitter user tweeted.

CNET reported that Apple was saying that many of the models are now available within “1-2 weeks” or more, stretching preorder shipments into October.

However Apple’s third new iPhone, the XR, isn’t available for preorders yet. Apple said the device will begin preorder on Oct. 19 and is expected to hit stores on Oct. 26.

But regardless of which iPhone you are after, expect to pay more this year. Prices for its phones have gone from $649 in 2016 for its entry level iPhone 7 to $1,149 for its largest-capacity, 256GB iPhone X in 2017.