App Delivers Pizza at the Touch of a Button

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App makes ordering pizza a one-touch process

Push for Pizza, the brainchild of five 19-year-old men, wants to simplify pizza delivery.

A new app wants to make ordering pizza as easy as pie … or even easier.

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The Push for Pizza app enables users to order a plain cheese or pepperoni pie with the touch of a single button. Naturally, the idea was dreamed up by five 19-year-old men who grew up together in New York City.

“It completely gets rid of all the unnecessary steps and streamlines the pizza ordering process,” said co-founder Cyrus Summerlin. Once users add their address and credit card information, and select a pizzeria, the app stores the data to make future ordering a snap.

So far, the founders have bootstrapped the app, which launched earlier this week. The Push for Pizza team will take a small percentage fee from each delivery.

Though Push for Pizza is still in its early days, Summerlin and his pals are already looking toward other culinary challenges. Summerlin said “Burrito Button” and “Burger Button” are already being tossed around as future projects.

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