Ann Coulter: Wall Needed for Illegal Immigrants

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. on Thursday, conservative social and political commentator Ann Coulter said she believes we need “a wall” to contain the illegal immigration problem.

Coulter stated there is a need for a wall because nothing is ever really done when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration.

“Politicians say it all the time. Everyone says it--yes of course we have to deport the criminals, [President] Obama even says it, and yet somehow it never happens. The most important point is that it never happens,” noted Coulter.

“The most important step is to be able to keep new illegals from coming in,” Coulter chimed.

The topic of Sanctuary Cities came up and Coulter appeared dumbfounded about the whole situation.

“Some politician said Wednesday this aggressive stand on Sanctuary Cities, protecting people who have broken our laws, this is going to upset the Hispanic community,” stated Coulter.

“It’s not like white people leapt up and defended the shooter at the Charleston Church. We are talking about criminals; why should this be upsetting to any community other than a community of criminals.”

Coulter also provided her opinion on what can be done to change a society that many believe is becoming more and more dependent on government assistance.

“It really is a matter of them changing the people both in terms of voting and bringing in people who are more used to big government and government handouts. America is the freest country in the world. By definition any immigrant coming to America is making it more statist, less free,” Coulter expressed.