Andy Samberg Crashes Facebook’s F8 Keynote, Introduces Fake Features [Update: Video!]

Hey look! It’s Mark Zuckerb.. wait a second.

Mark Zuckerberg opened the Facebook F8 conference keynote with some laughs this morning — or at least, SNL’s Andy Samberg dressed as Mark Zuckerberg (complete with hoodie, sandals, and slightly awkward vocal cadence) did. Zuckerberg himself rolled in to boot Andy from the stage after a few minutes — but not before Samberg had announced some completely-not-real features.

Amongst the faux features: the “I’m not really friends with these people” list, and the “Slow Poke”. The first is a list of people who “you aren’t friends with but you just can’t ignore anymore”, like “your crazy racist neighbor, or your aunt”, while the latter introduces a 24 hour delay wherein you can cancel any double-entendre-filled pokes you may have sent in a drunken, horny stupor.

A few other gems:

Andy (as Zuck): I share all KINDS of things on Facebook. Sometimes I even share things with myself! In the bathroom. But I own the bathroom, so you can’t say it’s weird.

Andy : Can I borrow a billion dollars?Mark: Are you going to use it for weed again?Andy : No. Yes. I HAVE GLAUCOMA.

Once Zuckerberg had blown Andy’s cover, Andy rolled from character to character as the other famous ‘Bergs, from a bumbling Jessie Eisenberg to Mark Wahlberg and his requests to tell your mother he said hello.

As awkward as it may sound in a recap, it was actually pretty dang funny. Zuckerberg, oft panned for his on-stage stiffness, was far more cool and collected than usual.

For those who can recall a time before the turn of the millennium and the introduction of jetpacks and flying cars, this whole thing probably conjures up memories of 1999′s MacWorld Expo keynote. Steve Jobs’ role in the keynote was initially supplanted by actor Noah Wyle, who had just recently played Jobs in the made-for-TV(-but-still-remarkably-good) Pirates Of Silicon Valley.

Update: Now with Video!