AnchorFree: Locking Down Privacy on the Web

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Keeping your connection private on the Web

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Keeping your connection private on the Web’s Kate Rogers with AnchorFree co-founder David Gorodyansky on how his company is protecting connections on the web for its 200 million users worldwide.

One person that may be thankful to Edward Snowden for uncovering the NSA’s massive spying program this past summer is David Gorodyansky.

With Americans increasingly concerned over their privacy on computers, tablets and phones, the co-founder of AnchorFree has seen his business boom over the past year.

AnchorFree promises to protect user anonymity on the web via its application Hotspot Shield. The app for android and iOs encrypts everything consumers do on the web so that third parties can’t spy on them.

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“It puts consumers in control of their privacy online,” Gorodyansky says. “There is more that can be learned about us as individuals by tracking what we do on the web than can be learned by walking into our house. We lock the door to our house, but often forget to lock the door to our digital lives. That is what Hotspot Shield is all about—it’s a lock for everything you do on the Internet.”

And so far 200 million people in 190 countries have decided to “lock” their Internet activity down via AnchorFree. And Gorodyansky says this is just scratching the surface of potential users across the globe.

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