An Offer Brady Can’t Refuse? ‘Godfather’ Actor says NFL is Like the Mafia

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, actor Gianni Russo, known for his part as Carlo in "The Godfather," said Deflategate between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell is playing out like the movie.

“When you think of organized crime as a group of men -- are very powerful. I don’t think there’s any group of men in the NFL or richer -- they control everything if you think about. It’s a billion dollar company,” he said.

Russo compared the NFL to the mafia.

“They make their own rules. They’re not governed by anybody else...The owners put everybody in. Roger [Goodell], [Paul] Tagliabue, everybody... They are saying Roger gets $20 million a year… Why shouldn’t he? Look what they are paying the players, it’s ridiculous the money they make,” he said.