An 'Amazon' for Made-in-America Companies

Small Business Spotlight: Sam’s Clan

Who: Matthew Kane, @SamsClan

What: A subscription-based monthly ‘discovery box’ of Made-in-America products.

When: 2013

How: Kane started out with a Wikipedia-type site listing all companies that made and sold their products in the U.S.A.

“I was having trouble buying things that were made here,” he said. “I knew I would feel better about shopping knowing I was supporting American businesses.”

Thousands of companies listed and signed up. Now he is seeking to expand into an ecommerce model, with subscription services catering to those looking for Made-in-America products. Based on price thresholds and surveys, recipients are sent a box of items each month, Kane said.

Quote from the owner: “We want to turn the site into an Amazon-type model,” he said.

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