An All-Natural, Organic Popcorn Company Ready to Pop

Small Business Spotlight: Quinn Popcorn, @QuinnPopcorn

Who: Kristy Lewis

What: Organic microwaveable popcorn line

When: 2010

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

How: “We had this idea of creating a natural, organic microwave popcorn without all the chemicals,” says co-founder Kristy Lewis, who started the company with her husband while on maternity leave after giving birth to her son Quinn.  Quinn Popcorn, which is nationally distributed, features a compostable bag, organic corn and seven flavors, including maple, parmesan rosemary, hickory-smoked cheddar and olive oil and herb.

In 2011, Lewis says Quinn Popcorn raised $30,000 on Kickstarter from 755 backers. They’ve also received a loan from Whole Foods, and have funding from angel investors as well.

Biggest challenge: Lewis says the biggest challenge, or learning experience, has been figuring out the ropes in a new industry. Neither she nor her husband came from a food-industry background.

One moment in time: “Taking that first step was a huge accomplishment. So many people have ideas, and it’s all about acting on them. We started this when we brought our son Quinn home from the hospital. I had three months’ maternity leave and we jumped in that week,” says Lewis.

Best business advice: Lewis says the best piece of advice came from another entrepreneur in the food industry, who told her to rent or buy any motivational book or DVD she could get her hands on. “Every day you get bad news and you’re questioning everything. It’s important to keep your confidence building,” says Lewis.